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The South African Lipizzaners

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Posted by on Jan 30, 2019

The South African Lipizzaners

Address: 1 Dahlia Rd, Kyalami AH, Midrand, South Africa

The South African Lipizzaner Centre is home to a number of majestic dancing white stallions.

We offer group tours for old and young, special performances for special occasions as well as perform for the public every Sunday at 10:30am

The South African Lipizzaners are unique in our training and performing following closely to that of the Spanish Riding School in Vienna. 

  • : 1 Dahlia Rd, Kyalami AH, Midrand, South Africa
  • : Tessa Hellman
  • :
  • : 0848800723

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February 3rd

The month of love

Join the Magnificent white stallions dance to a different beat for the month of February


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